Ventilation damper
for plastic windows
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Plastic windows, which appeared
In our country 20-25 years ago, caused a real sensation, because they looked much more aesthetically pleasing than wooden ones, and also provided excellent heat and sound insulation of the premises. However, after a very short time, it became clear that its excellent airtightness in itself was the cause of major problems. In particular, after the installation of PVC windows in the cold season, an unfavorable and too humid microclimate settles in the premises, condensation appears on the glass, as well as mold and fungus on the walls and slopes. Of course, one could blame the manufacturer of such double-glazed windows.
But this is not entirely correct
Since your task is to make products with reliable locks that last a long time, do not lose their attractive appearance and ensure tightness. So does this mean that you should abandon the installation of double-glazed windows?
Not at all
It is enough to buy a high-quality ventilation valve for plastic windows. The cause of the problems The question of why wooden windows "sweat" less, why mold and fungus did not appear during their operation, is of interest to many. According to experts, the fact is that they had gaps through which fresh air constantly entered the room.
But double-glazed windows
Do not let it through, which means that the moisture released as a result of the life of the inhabitants of the house accumulates in the room and settles on the windows and walls. Ventilation Of course, the easiest way to mitigate the situation is to ventilate the room frequently.
However, experts say
That they will only be effective if such procedures are performed every hour and the windows are left open for 5 minutes. Obviously, no one will get up 6-7 times at night to air all the rooms in the house.
Frequent opening of PVC windows
Is fraught with other dangers: a sharp drop in temperature; the penetration of pollen into the house, which can cause allergies; the possibility of outsiders invading the house, especially important on lower floors; contamination of premises with dust; soundproofing failure. To do? Fortunately, there is a way out, and instead of manually ventilating an apartment or house every half hour, you can simply purchase a plastic window vent valve. Such products are mounted directly on the window and let in fresh air, which is directed to the ceiling, and does not form drafts at the level of the window sill, as during ventilation.
Ventilation valve for plastic windows: reviews Most of those who have already installed supply fans in their apartment claim that this is the right decision. At the same time, it is noted that such valves work only if the exhaust hood is working in the room. This is especially true of apartments in the so-called Khrushchev or houses built 30-40 years ago.
Therefore, before buying a ventilation
Valve for plastic windows, you need to make sure that the hood is not clogged with debris. After all, devices, for example, like Air-Box, pump in air from outside as the spent air is removed from the apartment. Judging by the reviews, plastic windows with a ventilation valve should not be installed only in climatic zones, where frost often exceeds 35 degrees.
The fact is that such devices are not designed to work in severe cold conditions and ice can form on them. Now you know what advantages plastic windows with a ventilation valve have, and you can decide what is better to install in your home - an air conditioner with an exhaust hood or such a simple and inexpensive device.
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